January 19, 2014

“Life’s Simple 7″ from the American Heart Association

Although I’d rather not be the bearer of bad news, I feel that I should summarize and share some very important health information that I received via my one my OT newsletters. In short, as reported in the latest American Heart Association’s statistical update , more Americans are dying  from Heart Disease and Stroke than from Cancer.  Heart Disease remains  #1 cause of death in America and throughout the world.

The article goes on to reiterate the lifestyle choices  that can be crucial in making the difference between healthy  aging, not so healthy aging and even premature death .

Named ” Life’s Simple 7″ , these will not come as a surprise:
not smoking,

physical activity,

healthy diet,

body weight

control of cholesterol,

 control of blood pressure

 control of blood sugar

Try to imagine how the choices you are making today regarding your health will play out twenty years from  now.  What simple steps can you take today and each day to improve  your health now and as you age? Once you identify what you might want to address, make it a priority.

After our two sons challenged us to make lifestyle changes , my husband and I   joined a three month  weight loss program emphasizing  a low-glycemic index food plan and regular exercise. In three months, I lost 15 pounds and in so doing, I improved my sugar control and blood pressure .  My husband lost 30 pounds in the same time. Now that’s something I really feel good about. I believe that we have the information and  the tools and so many reasons to keep ourselves healthy.

Make yourself your project this year! Work towards a healthier cardiovascular system.

Your future self will thank you.

January 19, 2014